About Us

     Our founders at the whole bowl have been committed to feeling good from within since 2016! We wanted to create a lifestyle that caters to whole foods packed nutrients, without sacrificing the flare for excitement in every meal. 

Devoting ourselves to scratch cooking and openly embracing the type of food that we feel good about eating every day. Each menu item is hand crafted, with freshly sourced ingredients of the highest quality, non-GMO, hormone and anti-biotic free chicken. We source out local products when available and paired this goodness with our drool worthy house made sauces! 

The whole bowl was created on a foundation of nutrition, as it is the heart of everyday lifestyle. We wanted to serve our customers what we wanted to see at our favorite café as a consumer. Making the kinds of bold decisions that define the future of what it means to eat sustainably. A menu that would cater to the health conscious and health curious everyday doer.

We wanted to reshape the stigma around “healthy eating”. Eat foods that make you feel alive! Come in and see why we stand tall and proud behind our brand. Healthy, fresh, unique, & quality you can count on.