Food’s to add to your Coronavirus grocery list

In the face of fears surrounding COVID-19 it’s entirely practical to practice emergency preparedness in case of such events. 

This however doesn’t mean rush to your local grocery store and stock up on all the canned goods you can get your hands on. But think of this time as an exercise in smart and practical shopping. Purchase foods your body will thank you for, food that serves you as not only fuel but health. That means investing in versatile foods with a long shelf-life that will also nourish you in the most nutritious way possible during the quarantine.

Don’t concern yourselves with the thought of your local grocery store running out of food, where you will no longer have the essentials in your home. But the benefit of keeping a stocked pantry is that it will help you limit the number of times you leave the house. Plus, when you have a pantry full of healthy food items, it can help you maintain a sense of calm and readiness!

A basic list should include basic food groups and macronutreitnts including: protein sources like canned fish and beans; canned and frozen vegetables and fruits, as well as tomatoes or sauce; whole grains including bread, rice, quinoa, and whole wheat (or chickpea) pasta; and healthy fats like olive oil, nuts, and nut butters.

Let’s talk seed’s, consider them a supplement. Seed’s pack a huge micronutrient punch. For example, an ounce of pumpkin seeds delivers nearly 40 percent DV of magnesium (essential for energy production). Flaxseeds and chia seeds made of top 10 sources of omega-3 fatty acids (a potent anti-inflammatory nutrient), because just one serving delivers more than an entire day’s worth of omega-3’s.

Don’t forget about your gut! You have to keep remember to keep your gut happy when you’re shut off at home. It plays a role in many major biological functions such as your immune system, mental health, skin health, inflammation response, and appetite management. 

A few great item’s to help ensure a healthy gut:

  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Shallots

Believe it or not, eating raw alliums can supercharge their health benefits! Raw onions have a higher level of beneficial organic sulphur compounds, while raw garlic is one of the most effective natural antibiotics. Let’s be real here, home cooking almost always consists of onions and garlic!

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